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Maria Taylor Illustration/Artist, Publishing, web illustration, children's illustration, greeting industry ...............


Maria Taylor is a freelance illustrator/artist based in the UK. Originally from Nottingham, she moved to Plymouth Devon in 2008.

The most recent commissions include wedding editorials, craft papers, instructional illustrations for Alstom and a children's book for Carlton Books. Dolls House - (Author Jim Pipe).

Freelancing since 2005, she has built up a good portfolio of clients, commissions to date include images for web (Royal Bank of Scotland, Home Office & HBOS in collaboration with BYG Systems. Maria has created images for Women Get Smart business website, join the pink party campaign) Cancer charity. Recent commissions include Two Four in Plymouth and the NHS Children's Ward in Plymouth.

Maria's work also includes illustrations for publishing houses such as Carlton Books,Tony Potter, Penguin, Haymarket, Ransom, Origin, Immediate, Redactive and many more. Also creating illustrations for women's lifestyle and media magazines such as Womens Weekly Fiction, Balance, Candis ....Collaborating also with educational pubishers to create various artwork. Accommodating large & small business ventures to create publicity material such as cards, leaflets & posters. Maria recently produced instructional illustrations for Alstom.

The greeting industry is another area that Maria specialises in, having sold designs in America & UK. Maria's designs will also be found throughout Devon through Milkwood Publishing.

Maria featured in the business section of the Nottingham Evening Post, and was also chosen as an illustrator for Nokia Phone Advert and appeared also on the morning show on Radio Nottingham.

Most commissions considered, please feel free to request larger samples of work or a quote for your project, Maria works in traditional methods such as the good old pen, ink and paint and also works in Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. You are welcome to give her call........only....don't ask her about PPI!